Consulting Areas

Authentic communication is a crucial contributor to commercial success. In a rapidly changing environment, characterized by a multitude of communication challenges, we listen carefully to our clients, find constructive solutions and implement them to the highest quality. Complex and mission-critical situations are our sweet spot. We develop tailor-made communication concepts and methods that enable our clients to establish and expand their reputation, position themselves unmistakably in the market and to communicate convincingly with their stakeholders.

»It takes 20 years
to build a reputation
and five minutes
to ruin it.«
(Warren Buffett)

The development of a comprehensive strategy is essential in communication with stakeholders and in establishing an active reputation management. We support our clients in developing a clear differentiation for their company, products and strategies and in conveying their key messaging to the right target groups. In doing so, we develop strategic concepts with messages that secure a clear-cut position.

Our spectrum of services ranges from advising executives and top-level management to integrated strategies for corporate communication or even serving as external press office for our clients.

  • Strategic communication consultancy
  • Reputation management
  • Corporate communication
  • Executive communication
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Internal and external communication
  • Media relations / Press and Public relations
»Anything is possible
on the stock exchange.
Even the opposite.«
(André Kostolany)

We represent the interests of all capital market participants from listed companies to activist investors. Our consulting services are not limited to pure financial reporting, but also include the development of complex communication strategies for majority and minority shareholders. We are, likewise, expert at the creation of the equity story for companies as well as of the investor story for the equity owner side.

  • Capital market communication
  • Shareholder engagement
  • Shareholder activism
  • Strategic investor relations
»The vacuum
created by a failure
to communicate
will quickly be filled
with rumour,
misrepresentation, drivel and poison.«
(Cyril Northcote Parkinson)

We have accompanied our clients through numerous change processes and crises, thereby accumulating an extensive wealth of experience and the maximum certainty of judgement. We are well versed in assessing the respective situation quickly and precisely and derive sound alternative courses of action. We work closely together with law firms and other consultants.

  • Change management and change communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Restructuring, turnaround and insolvency scenarios
  • Management changes
  • Changes in strategy
  • Shareholder concerns (on behalf of companies or investors)
  • Other issues (e.g. regulatory changes, public criticism, etc.)
»Coming together
is a beginning,
staying together
is progress,
and working together
is success.«
(Henry Ford)

Since its foundation, Charles Barker has successfully supported several hundred M&A and financial market transactions – on the stock exchange as well as in the private market and is thus ranked high in relevant industry league tables. Whether in the acquisition or the sale of a company, an IPO, capital increase or special situations such as takeover defense - we provide support with the development of convincing messages and the communication thereof to the relevant target audiences. We maintain the focus on all stakeholders: investors, lenders, customers, suppliers and the media as well as shareholders, employee representatives and employees.

  • M&A processes
  • Public takeovers
  • Private takeovers
  • Public to private
  • Equity and debt financing
  • Takeover defense communication
  • Minority interests / shareholdings
»Life is unfair,
but remember:
sometimes it is unfair
in your favor.«
(John F. Kennedy)

To communicate one’s own point of view clearly and comprehensively via relevant channels is essential to ensure that the represented position receives attention and consideration in public discourse. For decades, we have been supporting international law firms, companies, private equity firms and hedge funds with cross-border communications in shareholder lawsuits, appraisal proceedings, antitrust and patent proceedings as well as criminal and civil investigations. In recent years impeccable corporate governance and compliance has become an important foundation of corporate reputation.

  • Corporate governance und compliance
  • Shareholder lawsuits, appraisal proceedings
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Compensation proceedings
  • Antitrust proceedings
  • Criminal and civil law investigations