»Wir müssen das,
was wir denken, sagen.
Wir müssen das, was wir sagen, tun.
Und wir müssen das, was wir tun,
dann auch sein.«
(Alfred Herrhausen)
Capitalizing on information – since 1969
Capitalizing on information – since 1969


For over five decades, Charles Barker has been synonymous with top level strategic communications consulting. We support our clients with an entrepreneurial thinking, independent advice and drive – our clients’ interests are always at the core of our actions. We value authentic communication, long-term success and sustainable partnerships over short-term profit maximization. Integrity is our founding principle; excellence defines the character of our company.

High quality advice requires a profound understanding of the client and the clients’ business. That is why we take time to listen and to understand their objectives prior to developing tailored communication solutions. We attach the utmost importance to aligning our thinking and action to the clients’ business. A sense of identification, fairness, responsibility and commitment characterizes and distinguishes our dedicated team.

Our Values

  • requires clarity
  • demands courage
  • focuses on solutions
  • believes in sustainability
  • demands honesty
  • requires transparency
  • generates credibility
  • builds trust
  • connects people
  • ensures openness
  • implies reliability
  • fosters credibility
  • is a prerequisite
  • calls for appreciation
  • demands fairness
  • creates constructiveness
  • is our DNA
  • implies responsibility
  • enables open-mindedness
  • leads to mutual success
  • demands commitment
  • is based on quality thinking
  • arises from the will to succeed
  • results in identification